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Horizon Forbidden West Combat

Horizon Forbidden West Combat has Evolved from Zero Dawn

Guerrilla Games has made plenty of changes to Horizon Forbidden West that improves the gameplay experience when compared to Horizon Zero Dawn. In...

Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation Code Fairy PS5 Review

Hot on the heels of MechWarrior’s return to PlayStation, a new Mobile Suit Gundam game has arrived on the PS5. With the long-running...
Kingdoms of Amalur Fatesworn

Re-Reckoning Fatesworn Releases December 14

When Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning was announced last year, THQ Nordic also announced a brand new DLC expansion Fatesworn to be released this year....
FFXIV Endwalker Congestion

FFXIV Server Congestion is Expected When Endwalker is Released

Square Enix has warned Final Fantasy XIV players they may face server congestion when the FFXIV Endwalker expansion is released next week. While...
Battlefield 2042 Beta Improvements

Someone Made a Battlefield 2042 Battle Royale Using Portal

Battlefield 2042 didn’t launch with a battle royale mode, but fortunately, it did come with Battlefield Portal – a platform with editing tools....
returnal DLC expansion

Returnal DLC or Expansion Teased, Possible The Game Awards Reveal

Housemarque wowed everyone with its unique rogue-like bullet-hell third-person PS5 exclusive shooter Returnal earlier this year, and a new tweet from the developer...



Black Desert – Pre-Order Gameplay Trailer | PS4

Become your true self in Black Desert, the open-world action MMORPG now available for pre-order and exclusive rewards. You'll be embarking on a perilous...