2K Silicon Valley Studio Has Officially Been Named 31st Union

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In February 2019, 2K Games announced the start of a new relationship with Sledgehammer Co-founder, Michael Condrey. The partnership led to the forging of a studio based out of Silicon Valley, which, until now, lacked an official name. From here on out, 2K’s Condrey-led team will be known as 31st Union. In addition to the Silicon Valley location, 31st Union aims to expand internationally. According a press release from 2K, the first of such ventures will set up shop in Spain.

Condrey serves as President of 31st Union, which already has a team under its belt, though listings on the official website show the studio is still looking to bring in more talent. A statement from Condrey also reveals the philosophy behind the developer’s name. He explains, “our name and studio represent the spirit of California in its rich diversity of thought, art, music, innovation and cultural representation that have defined the current golden age of entertainment and technology here in Silicon Valley.”

31st Union is currently beginning work on “an ambitious and inspired new IP.” Tyler Michaud, Head of Strategy at 31st Union, has teased that passion rests at the center of the project. While details about the new game remain scarce at present, plans are in place to share more information in the coming months, according to Take-Two Interactive’s President, Karl Slatoff.

This is not the only project from 2K with details incoming, either. The Mafia III studio, Hangar 13, intends to unveil its new title soon, as well. Similar to Mafia III before it, Hanger 13’s latest will center on “mature” subject matter. However, Game Director Haden Blackman has previously hinted that fans should anticipate a tonal shift, featuring something “a little more inspirational and more uplifting.” Thankfully, this cryptic hint will soon make more sense.

[Source: 2K Games via Business Wire]

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