Become the defender of Earth in Rusty Gun on Xbox One


Don’t expect a GOTY contender, but if you want to get involved with a fun little romp that sees you blasting away alien enemies then you may well have come to the right place – especially when you consider the super low asking price that Rusty Gun on Xbox One comes equipped with. 

Available to purchase and download on Xbox One for a mere £4.19, Rusty Gun sees you taking charge of a regular Joe; a guy who has had his recent fishing trip rudely interrupted by the appearance of an alien race. And this Joe ain’t too happy about that, so goes off on the hunt, in the hope of becoming the defender of Earth and to ensure that he can continue to kick back at the side of the lake forevermore. 

Rusty Gun looks to deliver your standard side-scrolling platforming, shooting fare, as you join this moody old Earthling in the hope you can help save the world. With multiple locations to explore, hidden secrets to hunt out and plenty of ammo types for your trusty rifle – perhaps not quite as many options as in the brilliant Zombie Army 4: Dead War – Rusty Gun should be able to provide a relatively enjoyable experience. Particularly if you’re one of those who just love to shoot and kill. 

In order to help save the Earth and get involved with the madness of Rusty Gun, the Xbox Store should be visited. It is there where you’ll find that super cheap download. 

Let us know if you decide to pick it up. 

Game Description:

Extraterrestrials are the popular guests in videogames. I’m sure that every one of you saved the world from them for so many times he can’t even count and brought peace to one or another planet. All these pesky alien invaders love to attack and capture anything they can reach their hands to. This was earlier, this happens now and believe me it’ll happen again in the future. In Rusty Gun the aliens are confronted not by some over-muscled macho, fan of bubblegum, not some secret organzation dressed in black, and not even chickenpox. This time the defender of Earth and his own private peace appears to be some casual grouchy old Earthling, who was hurt by aliens that spoiled his favorite fishing leisure by scaring all the fish away. Without any hesitation old man picked up his old and rusty rifle with only one goal — to show the alien invaders that there idea of having Earth destroyed while he has fishing full on his hands — the worst possible idea. Explore the locations infested by alien dirtbags, keep finding secrets and new types of bullets for your rifle. Remember that the whole destiny of mankind is in your hands, and don’t forget that you’re just old, grumpy and love to kill.

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