DualSense Features Will Be ”Very Transcendent’ for Horror Games

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Tormented Souls developer Dual Effect Games has said that the PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller can be a game-changer for horror games because its features will allow players to feel creepy little details.

Speaking to SegmentNext, the developer used the example of spiders to illustrate this point.

I think that the DualSense would be very transcendent for horror games on the PS5 since it will help to increase player insertion in the experience. I can imagine a transparent plastic artifact full of spiders that you have manipulated with your hands using the joystick movement sensors, while you can feel all those little spider legs going wild through your palm.

This description is sure to make some people cringe, but we get the point!

Previous comments from other developers indicate that horror fans will be in for a real treat with the PS5. Ghostwire: Tokyo director Kenji Kimura has said that the DualSense’s adaptive triggers can be used to “express a sense of persistent energy.” Resident Evil Village‘s executive producer, Jun Takeuchi, added that Sony’s Tempest 3D audio technology feels like it was “made specifically with horror games in mind.”

As far as Tormented Souls is concerned, the survival horror game has not been announced for next-gen consoles and publisher PQube isn’t ready to divulge any details yet, but you’ll at least be able to play it on current-gen consoles in 2021. Head over to our previous article for a trailer and game details.

We’ll update our readers when PQube has more information to share.

[Source: SegmentNext via DualShockers]

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