Flynn: Son of Crimson introduces new Hero Mode and more in major update



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When the magical world of Flynn: Son of Crimson launched on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC earlier in the year, it signalled the end of a five year wait as the indie developers at Studio Thunderhorse released their first major title. It went down pretty damn well too, with us giving Flynn: Son of Crimson a 4.5/5 review score. Now though that same game is being enhanced, with a new Hero Mode and major update. 

A 2D pixel art action platformer, Flynn: Son of Crimson will task players with joining the titular Flynn and his mythical dog companion Dex as they embark on a journey, fighting together to save their home from the evil Scourge.

Upon launch, it was praised, but nothing is perfect and now Thunderhorse are throwing out a rather large update which fixes a few criticisms. With Flynn fans keen to see a higher replayability value and an even bigger challenge, Update V1.1 comes into play; an update which introduces both a brand new  game mode and improved difficulty settings.

Hero Mode will now allow players to restart the game with all their learned skills and acquired weapons once they reach 101% completion. This will provide an exciting reward for completing the game, a new fun challenge for players and satisfying combat variety from start to finish. 

Case Portman, Game Developer for Studio Thunderhorse, said: “Growing up in the era of cheats, I always thoroughly enjoyed playing games with ‘all weapons’ from the start of my second playthrough. Hero Mode essentially grants that and more to players once they’ve completed the game once over. 9-year-old me says hi!

The game has also undergone some difficulty tweaks, with Thunderhorse listening to player feedback, making Easy Mode easier and Hard Mode more difficult for those who are really looking for a challenge. You can also throw in some quality of life improvements that have been implemented in the update, fixing some minor bugs and making small adjustments to smoothen a player’s experience. 

The V1.1 update for Flynn: Son of Crimson is out now on all platforms – Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC. Grab the game from the likes of the Xbox Store if you haven’t already done so.


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