Hellblade 2, More Ninja Theory Announcements – Kinda Funny Games Daily 01.22.20


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Gary Whitta and Greg run you through Ninja Theory’s new game, new plans, and more!

Time Stamps –
00:03:00 – Housekeeping
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The Roper Report –
00:10:00 – Ninja Theory Direct
00:19:50 – Half-Life: Alyx Rumbles
00:24:00 – Why no USB C ports? – Best Friends Q:Frankfurtter
00:31:00 – Half-Life: Alyx Rumbles
00:46:35 – Tencent Buying Funcom
00:50:00 – Out today
00:54:56 – MANSCAPED
00:56:15 – RIOT
00:58:35 – RAID
Reader mail –
01:02:55 – Do you think this will hurt their console sales of the Series X during this time? – Michael Knight
01:07:20 – Squad Up: Marcus Hutchens(Killer Queen Black): SW 4328 1078 9311 Or Marcus#4807
01:08:40 – You‘re Wrong
Tomorrow’s Hosts: Greg and Blessing

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