More details regarding Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl arrive

Pokemon diamond pearl switch

A number of previews have arrived from North America journalists who have had some hands-on time with the forthcoming Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Pokemon Shining Pearl. These include the likes of Good Vibes Gaming and IGN and give us a little more insight into the new features included in the Nintendo DS remakes. One of the main points, and also a contentious issue, is the fact that EXP Share is turned on and there doesn’t appear be a way to turn it off. This means that all your Pokemon will receive a share of battle XP, like they have in recent releases including Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield. Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl also features an autosave feature, though this can be turned off if the user so wishes. Another new addition is that the Pokemon in your party can be switched in and out of storage at any time, again like the recent Pokemon Sword & Shield. Type effectiveness has also been included when battling a Pokemon you’ve already fought.

Here’s a handful of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl video previews:


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