PlayStation 5 Development for Games Easier Than It Was on the PS4

playstation 5 development

Apparently, developers are finding the PlayStation 5 to be the easiest of PlayStation platforms to develop for, thus far. Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO and President, Jim Ryan, said as much during an interview several weeks ago. It seems Shuhei Yoshida, SIE’s Head of Independent Developer Initiative, has heard the same from developers. According to Yoshida, the new system may even be more developer-friendly than the PlayStation 4 hardware.

The most recent issue of the Dengeki PlayStation magazine features an article written by Yoshida, wherein he discusses the PlayStation 5. Twinfinite provided a summary of the Sony boss’ write-up. Most interestingly, Yoshida noted that developers are pleased with how much easier it is to develop software for the new console. He seems especially proud of this detail.

Notably, such insight from devs indicates that studios are now able to devote more time to creating software. Therefore, they’re spending less production time concerned over hurdles regarding hardware issues. While this sentiment certainly rested at the forefront of the PS4’s design, Yoshida claims the PS5 should make development even simpler. Thankfully, improvements of this nature make the PS5 seem leaps and bounds above the PS3, whose cell processor notoriously made PS3 development unusually difficult (and is one of the core reasons that backwards compatibility for PS3 games hasn’t happened yet).

The PlayStation 5 will hit stores shelves sometime during 2020’s holiday season. For now, Sony has yet to unveil the system itself. However, throughout this year the company unleashed a series of tidbits here and there. One recent detail surfaced during The Game Awards, which saw Gearbox announce the first PS5 game, Counterplay Games’ Godfall. We have yet to see any confirmation of first-party launch games from Sony itself, but with less than a year to go until release, it’s unlikely we’ll have to wait much longer.

[Source: Dengeki PlayStation via Twinfinite]

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