PS5 Development Interests Devs More Than Xbox Development

ps5 launch day

GDC has published its annual ‘State of the Game Industry’ report, which includes results of its survey of over 3,000 video game developers. In its very first question, the organization asked developers which platform(s) interest them the most, and a whopping 58 percent chose PC.

Among consoles, PlayStation 5 took the lead with 44 percent of those surveyed finding it the most interesting platform right now. Nintendo Switch got 38 percent of the votes, and Xbox Series X/S got 30 percent of the votes. Google Stadia received the least amount of love at six percent.

Asked which platform(s) they’re currently developing games on, 58 percent said PC, 32 percent said iOS, 31 percent said Android, 27 percent said PS5, and 24 percent said Xbox Series X/S. Only 17 percent are currently developing a game for the Switch.

Responses were similar to the question of what platform(s) the respondents will be developing their next project on. PC and mobile platforms were in the lead, followed by the PS5. Xbox Series X/S and Switch trailed behind.

“Perhaps what’s most intriguing is how, despite PlayStation and Xbox platforms having near-parity when it comes to past, current, and next projects, significantly more developers are showing interest in PS5,” GDC noted in its report.

Elsewhere, it appears that fewer developers are working on virtual reality and augmented reality games. What that means for the next generation of PS VR remains to be seen.

The report further reveals that the pandemic has caused a significant number of delays. 44 percent of respondents said that their projects were delayed due to COVID-19.

The full report is available here (thanks, Wccftech).

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